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Gabriela Ramirez de la MoraGrowing up in the bustling and colorful surroundings of Mexico City, Gabriela holds masters degrees in art, religions and psychotherapy, and degrees in communication and history. She is certified as a Life Coach and facilitator of Universal Energy. In her earlier career she applied her extensive experience in corporate marketing and communications for the Ford Motor Company and the Interlomas Commercial Center, among others. Following, she moderated several health related programs on national TV in Mexico for nearly two decades...


in broadcasting corporations such as cultural Channel 11, Televisa, TV Mexiquense, TV Formula, DGTVE, and the art and cultural Channel 22.

As a communicator of health and balance, she wrote a column for several years in Milenio News and published her first book “Un Minuto para Ti” in 2009. Gabriela has been facilitating workshops, conferences and one-on-one consultations since 2003 at the Carlos Slim foundation, and directed projects such as “The Health Ambassadors” in social media under the Federal Secretary of Health. She assisted and directed other state government projects related to public politics, which were focused on promoting better health and lifestyle choices.

Gaby became a Gong Master through the guidance of the legendary Don Conreaux and has been applying the gongs in combination with her studies in Universal Energy and Humanistic Psychotherapy in one-on-one sessions for men, women and couples. In addition, she facilitates group sessions for transformation, integration and evolution, and works with specific communities (Hispanic and other nationalities). She also applies her multifaceted expertise in the corporate arena, where among others, she has facilitated large group gong meditations and workshops for the International Meeting Organizers and companies such as Inbursa and Financiera Finsol.

She continues to create innovative ways of guiding people in the profound re-connection and expansion of their being, assisting them to fully experience a life of consciousness and evolution, filled with love, peace, confidence and joy. In her multi faceted role she is also one of the therapists at DG Counseling.


Marian KrausBorn in former communist ruled Czechoslovakia and raised in “West” Germany, from a young age Marian was enthralled with nature and the inherent order of the Universe. This fascination resulted in his growing desire to express beauty and harmony through light and sound. In 1990 he embarked on finding out "what makes him tick and what does not make him tick" and to increasingly "live life on life's terms" rather than his own, one day at a time. As a result, after spending a 20 year career in international sales and marketing with a large German based industrial conglomerate...


...he began a new life segment as a professional architectural and fine art photographer in 1999. Being a long time hand drummer, he expanded his creative repertoire by expressing images also through the powerful vehicle of sound in 2011.

While maneuvering through the integration of three very different countries and cultures, Marian possesses a heightened sensitivity, appreciation and awareness to the process of inner growth and transformation. As a student and practitioner of metaphysics for over thirty five years, his inimitable keen sense of visual and intuitive perception, combined with his innate rhythmic hand drum abilities, creatively contribute to the meditative, healing and transformative sound excursions.

He published his first book "Inspirationals" and served on the advisory board of the Harmonic Therapy Association, is an associate member of the HTA and the Sound Healers Association, and is a licensed PSYCH-K® facilitator. He received his Gong Master certification under the guidance of legendary Don Conreaux, and has also studied with senior instructor, lecturer and teacher Mitch Nur, PhD of 9waysacademia, who has spent well over 40 years as a Sacred Sound Practitioner and Teacher and is one of the foremost authorities on Sacred Sound instruments and applications as they pertain to ritual, shamanic healing, meditation, ceremony, and personal transformation. Marian is currently undertaking a long distance curriculum with the Nada Centre for Music Therapy in New Delhi, India.

Delamora was founded by two lovers of life. Through their understanding, integration and application of life’s processes on their own individual paths, the couple brings a colorful life history to their audiences. Between their European and Latin American origins, over 20 years of experiences gathered on national health and wellness related TV programs and international corporate settings, entrepreneurial endeavors, their artistic talents, and years of studies in psychology and metaphysics, you are in for a special treat...


Both studied with renowned master teachers and have ideal inherent musical abilities which positively contribute to their architecture of unique techniques and compelling experiences. Delamora stress relief techniques, wellness programs, approaches to mindfulness, as well as workshops designed to nurture a more balanced life style and ways to relaxation and stress reduction, significantly contribute to allowing individuals in corporations, health centers, student communities, spiritual organizations, as well as artists and athletes to optimize their personal performance potential in an innovative fashion.

Each Delamora event is a psycho acoustic gateway to higher states of awareness and consciousness and emotional hygiene in action. The Delamora experiences present space for inner healing and expansion into the field of human potential development. Gabriela and Marian's sound therapy sessions authentically show the benefits of mindfulness, and openings to reduce chronic stress and raise consciousness and awareness. They utilize their time between the greater Chicago as well as Mexico City areas.

“del amor a” = “from the love to...” = our methods and experiences arise from a “deep love and compassion towards the Being", intended to encourage and support individuals & communities in their evolution and personal transformation.

“De la Mora” also means: of the Mulberry – a fruit that nourishes, rich in healing properties, its red color symbolizing passion, vitality and strength. It originates from a seed and reaches the moment of “harvest” at its most abundant and perfect point of ripeness. As most elements in nature, humans included, it undergoes a transformational process throughout its evolution…

We work with chronically stressed humans to transform their ways of interpreting, experiencing and responding to life.

Delamoras' fundamental practices provide proven tools to re-connect and re-learn how to flow optimally.

The world around you changes when you change your interpretation of it. The change must begin inside of you and the Delamora experience guides you in an optimized sequence

your conscious and unconscious mind into a strong, clear and whole one - a mind that will allow you to have a powerful, consistent and balanced approach to life

limiting and blocking beliefs, reactions and behaviors into new ways of achieving fulfillment in your personal, professional and social life by showing you to recognize and pursue your greatest missions and desires

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