The Delamora Experiences

Our therapeutic sound sessions, workshops & retreats provide cutting edge methodologies for chronic stress reduction through heightened states of awareness and consciousness. Our integrative approach rides on guided imagery combined with the multi-faceted frequency domains of our gongs, humanities’ oldest therapeutic instruments. Each Delamora sound therapy experience serves as entry point for shifting consciousness and opening of new energy paths and a multitude of capacities within the participants.

Due to the ever-increasing man-machine interface, resulting in the machine making the man behave, chronic stress and stress related disorders are the most common illnesses of our modern times. Sound therapy is an ideal tool for stress reduction and facilitator of breaking up emotional blockages as well as booster of creativity, clarity and health. Our proven concepts amplify mindfulness and raise benchmarks for identifying limiting and undesirable belief systems – emotional hygiene on a molecular level through the power of a gong sound immersion.

Delamora sound therapy experiences are custom tailored to meet the needs and demands of these communities:


We invite you to read our client testimonials attesting to the healing and transforming power of our sound therapy or visit our video and photo gallery here.