Prevailing challenges in corporations...

...about 52% of Americans are not satisfied with their jobs

...the cost associated with employees leaving organizations is multifold of employees’ annual salaries

...about 55% of Millennials are not engaged at work - they value job satisfaction over compensation

Our goal - To increase the number of engaged and happy people in your organization

Emotional hygiene at work helps companies maximize employee engagement and minimize turnover. Standalone or as an adjunct to existing wellness programs, our unique combination of Psychology, Life Coaching and Sound Therapy amplifies mindfulness and raises benchmarks for getting destructive and disturbing emotions under control.


Most business leaders rank employee engagement as an exceedingly important priority for their organization. Company wellness programs focus on the holistic “human = employee” experience of satisfaction, engagement, wellness, and alignment. Assisting employees to cope with stress and increased happiness stimulates engagement

Emotionally highly committed employees try harder and are more likely to stay – factors leading to improved performance

Employee’s positive beliefs about themselves and the organization greatly contribute to the degree of emotional commitment

The Solution - Targeting these essentials, our bilingual (English or Spanish) group workshops, one on one consultations and customized programs boost:

Employee Engagement & Retention

Performance & Productivity

Expansive & Creative Thinking

Focus & Resilience

Optimism & Calmness

Mindfulness @ Work

…and many related aspects, essential to a thriving corporate dynamic.

Chief Happiness Officers, CEOs, HR-Managers, Business Owners and Corporate Event Planners

You could provide your people with a uniquely different and powerful experience and thereby support your Blue - Ocean strategy... us to find out more

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