Sound Therapy in Clinics & Hospitals

Many physical as well as mental ailments and diseases – imbalances and disharmonies in our minds and bodies - have their origin in the way we interpret life and the world. Countless people are divorced from their emotions and are ruled by the tight grip of anxiety, self-pity, guilt, fear and other negative emotions. The resulting thoughts produce chemicals in the brain that generate stress and put the body in a dominant state of alert for a "fight or flight" response. Individuals living in complex modern day societies, continuously experiencing high degrees of stress, get used to this physical and emotional “assault” of perceived imminent threats.

Prolonged, these states of chronic stress produce negative consequences that lead to serious chronic conditions ranging from common inflammations such as gastritis, colitis, cystitis, to type 2 diabetes, various cancers, eating disorders, obesity, chronic insomnia, fibromyalgia and other autoimmune ailments, skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, emotional and mental imbalances such as anxiety, depression, different types of addiction, co-dependent relationships etc., etc.

At Delamora we offer complementary sound based therapies

We believe people need to shift their perspective toward a fuller experience of the authentic self and view themselves as whole human beings

We use sound as food and medicine for the soul, as an integral part of our approach to healing and wellness. We provide physical, emotional and spiritual support as part of a holistic treatment leading the patient through a psycho-acoustic experience to reach a re-connection with their own Being, their Essence - their truest self or soul.

It is deep inside of us that true healing happens. We are convinced that spiritual awakening is a phenomenon of mind and body with real consequences for physical and mental well-being. We assist people to awaken to their full potential and to re-create their innate harmony and rhythm.

Delamora also provides emotional support for the patient's relatives, who experience a great need of support, clarity, hope and certainty. In addition, we provide services inclusive of psychological suggestions and loving therapeutic management for the elderly who tend to suffer from depression, and with it a decline of their systems in general.

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