Ideal visualization tools to relax, recharge & transform your personal reality

Downloadable audio guided meditations available in English and Spanish. Designed to ease your process of accessing your subconscious, the only place where lasting change happens effectively. And the only place where you create a new personal reality...

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Audio Meditations | English


Audio Meditations | Spanish


Each guided visualization & meditation is an authentic recording featuring our inimitable combination of vibratory, rhythmic and melodic sounds generated by large gongs, authentic Himalayan singing bowls and other sound tools. Sounds combined with NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) methods and techniques, as well as elements from Jungian based practices.


Intended to effectively amplify the essence of each suggested intention. The recordings serve as a holistic aid to enter a psycho acoustic gateway to deep states of relaxation. They assist listeners in adjusting their inner nature of being by realizing what makes them tick... and what does not make them tick. Created to change undesired aspects of your life & relationships for the better.

In addition to the Delamora downloadable guided meditation recordings, we also offer you video programs and practices. They can be conveniently used as extensive and ground breaking programs or as brief gentle daily reminders and practices for personal transformation.

Video Practices | English


Video Practices | Spanish


These video guides and audio meditation recordings are designed to allow for substantial inner exploration. Yet, sometimes it may require the guidance of a qualified counselor and life coach to explore deeper layers of one's inner workings in order to break up deep seated blockages. Those that prevent the achievement of success, self esteem, sustained well-being, happiness, loving relationships and more. In person one-on-one or small group sessions as well as online Skype consultations are available for your convenience, learn more here.