Creating an environment of full engagement is the key to maximizing a company's profitability and growth...


Business leaders know that: emotionally highly committed employees try harder and are more likely to stay – factors leading to improved performance.

Their positive beliefs about themselves and the organization greatly
contribute to the degree of emotional commitment.

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Emotional hygiene at work helps companies maximize employee engagement and minimize turnover...

The Delamora process aids in the cultivation and expansion of personal capacities that fully resonate with corporate bottom line targets

The What

Stage 1 - TRANSFORMATION  |  Stage 2 - EXPANSION  |  Stage 3 - FLOW
Each stage is comprised of 6 specific sessions featuring fundamental components that cultivate and advance Self-awareness, Self-management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management - indispensable building blocks of emotional intelligence.

The How

The Delamora 3 stage process is designed to amplify mindfulness and raise benchmarks for getting destructive and disturbing emotions under control. Our method is applicable and customizable to executives, managers and senior staff members alike.

Testimonies of a Corporate Director and Regional Branch Managers about the positive and long lasting impacts of their guided gong meditation experiences

Recorded at the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan, Mexico, a demonstration of the beneficial aspects of our 3-pronged approach for corporate executives, managers and their teams

Emotional Intelligence at Work

Stand alone or as an adjunct to existing corporate wellness programs, we target these essentials through our bilingual (English or Spanish)
group workshops, one on one consultations and customized programs. All are designed to boost:

  • Employee Engagement & Retention

  • Performance & Productivity

  • Expansive & Creative Thinking

  • Focus & Resilience

  • Optimism & Calmness

  • Mindfulness at Work

  • Transparency & Excellence as wise choices of many alternatives

  • …and other related aspects, essential to a thriving corporate dynamic

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Take a moment and listen to a representative sample, the progression of a typical workday for many people. Is this how your day sounds…? Imagine how  this sort of environmental soundscape negatively influences the degree of performance and level of productivity by contributing to already elevated levels of chronic stress. As a contrast, listen to the Himalayan singing bowl sample…how does that make you feel…?

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Corporate and Institutional clients who are benefitting from our 'Mindfulness For You' concepts