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The Delamora Overnight Awakenings Experience with Gongs at Magura

  • The Magura Bulgarian Space 415 W. Golf Rd.#7 Arlington Heights, IL 60005 (map)

Return to Wisdom. We invite you to our 10th Overnight Awakenings Experience in which we will address two essential questions...

It seems that the prevailing disease of "chronic stress" no longer only affects adults, but has flooded groups of adolescents and children, oftentimes with terrible consequences leading to self-destructive behaviors all the way up to suicide.

It is not about what is happening around us, but much more about what happens within us. And it begins with feelings of loneliness and anguish which then grow into depression, compulsions, co-dependence, addictions and more.

The "medicine" against these is "Attention to the Self" and its own inherent wisdom. In this 10th transformational overnight event we will focus on the first step towards a permanent happiness and true and profound personal success, by addressing and answering the following questions:

Who am I? and What is that I really want to experience in life?

Delamora Transformational-192906.jpg

The only pre-requisite for participation in this unique event is to be open minded, give yourself permission to relax, to “drift in and out” throughout the night, and to allow sound, vibration and harmonics to serve as a psycho-acoustic gateway to a meditative and transformative inner dimension, as well as heightened states of consciousness.

During the 1st part of the Overnight Awakenings Experience we will examine the 2 key questions and identify the appropriate answers. The goal is to reach a state of free flow of knowledge and understanding about life, beginning with the re-connection to your Self. Your commitment and participation in this exercise are key components to reach the desired state.

The sound element of the Delamora Overnight Awakenings Experience will begin around 10:00 pm with a guided meditation which will be prefixed with a brief yet comprehensive history of the gongs and introduction to aspects of neurobiological elements as they relate to sound therapy. The play of live gong sounds will be provided by Marian and Gabriela for 8 continuous hours to end at 6:00 on Sunday morning with a brief open Q & A forum afterwards. We will conclude the experience with a brief meditation around 6:30 am. Fruits, nuts and cookies, as well as water and coffee will be served throughout the event.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a pillow, mat, and blanket. Personal journals, crystals and other artifacts are optional and welcome.

The details are…

  • What: "Return to Wisdom" - an Overnight Awakenings Experience 

  • Where: The Magura Bulgarian Space at 415 W. Golf Rd.#7 in Arlington Heights, IL 60005

  • When: Saturday 1/13/2018 at 8:00 pm (doors open at 7:30 pm) until Sunday 1/14 at about 7:00 am

  • Cost: $155.00 which includes light refreshments, a Mindfulness guide and links to free downloadable guided meditations

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