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Free yourself with a Sound Music meditation at Yoga Among Friends in Downers Grove, IL

  • Yoga Among Friends 4949 Forest Avenue Downers Grove, IL, 60515 United States (map)

Experience a uniquely layered, multi-dimensional tapestry of sounds designed to relax and invigorate you simultaneously. Permeate your mind and body in an environment of ambient and ancestral sounds of several large gongs, authentic Himalayan singing bowls and other sound tools. Use this opportunity to free yourself from limiting beliefs through the power of sound and a guided meditation.

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Gabriela and Marian provide the vehicle to a meditative and transformational musical journey which presents you the opportunity to lift your awareness about limiting beliefs and how to transform them. The mindfulness meditation and soundscape empower you to re-calibrate and re-balance your entire being on a molecular level in a most holistic fashion from within. Colored illumination corresponds to the overarching topic of the guided meditation to amplify the intention set for the specific event and venue. Flow into a psycho-acoustic gateway and expand your vibratory frequency to reach higher states of conscious awareness by connecting with the unified field.

The couple’s colorful event features three stages:

  • 1st Segment – participants receive a general overview of sound therapy and how the upcoming meditation and sound music experience work together to facilitate a transformation, evolution and healing method within the conscious mind

  • 2nd Segment – a carefully chosen guided meditation primes the subconscious mind to transition into the essential personal transformation experience brought on by the healing sounds in the…

  • 3rd Segment – following the guided meditation guests flow in a stream of ancestral and otherworldly sounds generated by several 44 and 38" large gongs, one of man’s oldest therapeutic instruments. The couple’s sound space envelopes listeners in a uniquely rhythmic, melodic and pleasing fashion while the gong’s vibrational and sonic characteristics deeply resonate and harmonize all 70 – 120 trillion cells of the body. The experience energizes and relaxes simultaneously in a most powerful and unique way and invites a natural synchronization of the brain's right and left hemispheres.

Combined, these powerful elements facilitate a change in one’s nature of being and potentially restore an intrinsic state of inner balance, homeostasis. Throughout, you will be introduced to mindfulness techniques of a sonic nature. The only requirement for you to benefit is to bring an open mind, wear comfortable clothing, and come with a pillow and blanket to cover up.

To learn more about the positive characteristics of vibration we invite you to read more here and to also visit our FAQ section.  Experience a guided meditation coupled with strong sound healing elements at its finest. View Delamora’s self-explanatory videos here or find out more about them here. 

And remember:

"Whatever you broadcast into the Unified Field is your experiment with destiny... - Dr. Joe Dispenza"

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Guided Gong Meditation at YAF
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Fee: $35

Organizer: Yoga Among Friends

Phone: 630.960.5488