Answers to Questions oftentimes asked... 

a) What is Sound Music and why do some people refer to it as a gong bath or sound bath? 

Within our paradigm, Sound Music is a creative, meditative and harmonious interplay of gongs and other instruments. Commonly frequently referred to as a gong bath, it suggests that you are bathed in vibrations and resulting sound waves. And while you are immersed in the sound of gongs and other sound tools, there is no water involved, or clothes removed. Figuratively speaking you are floating or swimming in a bubble of sound, cleansed by sound…it is like, when we want to clean our bodies, we use soap and water. Sound and vibration…cleanse us on the inside - emotionally and physiologically.

b) How long is the session and what is the format? 

Typically our Sound Music immersion events are about 90 minutes in duration and include 3 stages:

  1. the introduction - participants receive a general overview of sound therapy and how the upcoming meditation and Sound Music experience work together to facilitate a transformation, evolution and healing method within the conscious mind.

  2. followed by a carefully chosen guided meditation which primes the subconscious mind to transition into the essential personal transformation experience brought on by the healing sounds in the…

  3. sound session where guests flow in a stream of ancestral and otherworldly sounds generated by several 44 and 38" large gongs, one of man’s oldest therapeutic instruments, singing bowls, bells, chimes, tuning forks, handpan, ocean drum, voice, guitar, rattles and other sound tools. The couple’s sound space envelopes listeners in a uniquely rhythmic, melodic and pleasing fashion while the gong’s vibrational and sonic characteristics deeply resonate and harmonize all 70 – 120 trillion cells of the body. The experience energizes and relaxes simultaneously in a most powerful and unique way and invites a natural synchronization of the brain's right and left hemispheres.

The first 2 stages are about 15 - 25 minutes in duration and the following sound portion of the event is about 60 minutes long. Our events feature colored illumination which corresponds to the overarching topic of the guided meditation chosen for the specific event and venue.

c) What are the effects and benefits I may experience in your sound healing session? 

We provide a portal to a psycho-acoustic experience and the beauty of sound healing is its simplicity. Sound Healing is the practice of using sound and listening in a mindful manner to transform and expand consciousness in order to enhance the body’s natural drive to regenerate and heal itself. In a sound immersion experience people lie down or sit and mindfully listen to different sounds carrying healing intention. Mindful Listening is the ability to be aware of, and consciously enter into sounds by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment while calmly accepting thoughts, feelings, and body sensations without judgment. One of the main purposes of our sessions is to get participants into a deep state of relaxation and mindful meditation. Please note there is no requirement to be a practiced and experienced meditator as all of life is a constant meditation if one so chooses…

When our conscious awareness is mindfully focused on a sound we simultaneously entrain with that sound. As our inner experience of reality comes into entrainment with the sound, our consciousness and inner awareness expands, and our “rational-objective mind” becomes an aware yet passive observer. Similarly as in our sleeping hours, during the entering of ALPHA, THETA and sometimes DELTA brainwave states, when our physical body receives the opportunity to renew or restore its immunological system, endocrine system and central nervous system; the physical body can receive temporary rest from the mental and astral bodies as well. This opens the possibility for healing via a change in consciousness that creates an inner sense of balance, harmony, and wellbeing. Regenerating energies become activated, leading to renewed health, allowing cells to renew and rebalance their own natural vibration.

Simply put…once participants allow themselves to get past their analytical minds, their left brain, sounds assist them to move into their true peaceful nature, found in the present moment, the eternal NOW – essentially the only place where Life happens. Participants can reconnect or balance with the deepest truth of their essential and innermost being. Our events are designed and intended to foster harmony, self-healing, heightened awareness & mental capacities, physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological renewal, stress control, creativity, ability to focus and much more. Experience homeostasis while travelling sonically...

d) Who can benefit? 

Any and everybody, from teenagers to elders...each participant receives the benefits derived from varying tempi and rhythms, as well as different pitches and tonalities, varying sound frequencies, all and each known to trigger different memories, feelings, emotions and sensations within...all geared toward unblocking trapped or stale energy and reinstating a natural flow within. 

e) Does it get really loud? 

Generally we play the gongs at a "normal" volume level. At times we amp up the intensity a bit to evoke different stimuli and emotions, with the goal to prompt releases of a spiritual, emotional, physiological or psychological nature, or all of the above combined...essentially we provide you with a very colorful bouquet of sounds and rhythms. For your convenience here is a reference chart for decibels. During our sound practitioner training we were in a room of about 1,000 sq ft with about 17 gongs and all were simultaneously going at a maximum intensity. The decibels measured there were around 96, so way below a questionable threshold.

f) What should I wear? 

Comfortable clothing…typically and ideally people experience a session lying comfortably on their back, or side, on a yoga mat or blanket and pillow they bring. Some prefer to sit, it is a very individual experience….there is no “one-size-fits-all”. Typically the body's functions slow down and the body temperature drops slightly when deeply relaxed, hence the blanket to cover oneself up. 

g) What will I need to do when you start? 

The introduction is followed by our guided meditation which then segways into the sound portion of our event. You take some deep breaths, lie (or sit) comfortably, relax, close your eyes, open yourself to the experience, fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride...

h) What should I expect during a session? 

Come with an open mind and anything good, magical, amazing and healing is possible. You are in for a re-boot, a re-calibration, a cleansing. And while each of our transformational experiences is received and integrated individually, per one’s own nature of being, there are common denominators shared by most people, even though everyone experiences it according to the stage in their life’s journey...however, do know that all which is coming your way in our sessions is of a very loving, healing and benevolent nature...imbued with positive intentions

i) What is an Overnight Awakenings Event? 

Our Overnight Awakenings Events are 10 hours long which include a 90 minute workshop on a specific topic related to personal transformation and 8 hours of continuous gongs sound throughout the night. The only prerequisite for participation in these unique events is to be open-minded, give yourself permission to relax, to “drift in and out” throughout the night (it is not required to stay awake all night), and to allow sound, vibration and harmonics to serve as a psycho-acoustic gateway to a meditative and transformative inner dimension and heightened states of consciousness. The play of live gong sounds begins around 10:00 pm on a Saturday evening and lasts for 8 continuous hours to end at 6:00 on Sunday morning, followed by a brief forum to conclude at around 6:30 am. Fruits, nuts, cheese and cookies, as well as water and tea are being served throughout the event.

j) How can I continue the experience by myself? 

Even though our live events are unique due to a number of factors, you can benefit from the element of sound in a myriad ways. Begin by covering your ears and hum. Change the pitch of your hum and feel the vibration and resonance in your head and rest of body. Next, OM... If you want to amplify the experience use a Himalayan singing bowl. Or consider using one of our recorded guided meditations... available for download.  

k) How often should I allow myself the experience? 

As often as you wish and can. There is no known downside or negative side effects to it as each session rides on benevolent and positive intentions. Visit our testimonials section to see what others are saying.

l) Why do you call it Delamora...? 

We felt that the word, which also happens to be part of Gabriela's maiden name, encompasses our philosophies best: “del amor a” = “from the love to...” = our methods and experiences arise from a “deep love and compassion towards the Being and Life", intended to encourage and support individuals & communities in their evolution and personal transformation. It is a direct reflection of our life paths, convictions and intentions.

“De la Mora” also means: of the Mulberry – a fruit that nourishes, rich in healing properties, its red color symbolizing passion, vitality and strength. It originates from a seed and reaches the moment of “harvest” at its most abundant and perfect point of ripeness. As most elements in nature, humans included, it undergoes a transformational process throughout its evolution…