Video & Photo Gallery

Videos and photos which, to some extent, guide you through our chronological evolution. They show elements related to our guided meditation presentations, sound therapy and personal transformation work presented at hospitals, wellness centers, yoga studios, corporate events and more.

However, there is no video or photo that can describe or reflect that which occurs within oneself during one of the Delamora Transformational Experiences, regardless whether it is a sound based guided meditation (a.k.a. gong bath) or one of our personal transformation sound therapy sessions.

Higher Vibrations
brief interview with Marian

A brief interview and overview of Marian Kraus' gong baths and aspects of sound therapy.

What is The Delamora Experience?

Personal transformational experiences facilitated by psychology, life coaching and sound therapy.

Mindfulness and Gongs
in Corporations

Recorded at the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan, Mexico, this video demonstrates the beneficial aspects of gongs and sound therapy in the corporate environment.

The Healing Song

a short feature documentary by Deborah Libby on benefits of our sound therapy

Finsol Employee Reward Event

Corporate event at ancient ruins in Mexico

Creating Positive Disruption

Sound based concept riding on the vibrational power of the gongs for creating mindfulness within corporations.

Through the Wings of Essence

A visual and acoustic excursion..

Delamora gong baths,
workshops + retreats

what, why, where + how...

Gabriela's Demo Reel

Gabriela as ambassador of health, awareness and balance in her various national TV programs



Featured are numerous photographs of our guided gong meditations and personal transformation experiences we provide in different public and corporate settings. Shown are also photos from the 2012 Advanced Gong Studies Event in the Philadelphia, PA region, the Field Study Singing Bowl trip to Kathmandu, Nepal in March 2014 - with our mentor Mitch Nur, PhD of 9waysAcademia, as well as the Gong Master Class with the legendary Don Conreaux at the Memphis Gong Chamber in October 2014. It was here that Gabriela and Marian met and in December 2014 they began to expand the mindfulness and sound meditation activities and workshops also into Mexico City and surrounding areas in Mexico.