Guided meditations in Spanish, ideal in assisting you to relax, boost positive thinking and reach prolonged states of mindfulness

Each guided meditation recording features an individualized visualization, accompanied by soothing sound elements that amplify the spiritual intention of each specific inspirational message. The recordings are ideal to meditate and increase inner peace, wisdom, self esteem, attitude, success and much more. Powerful guided meditations for personal empowerment at home, office, treatment facility or on the go. To ease your choice of download, each audio meditation recording offers you an opportunity to listen to random excerpts from the recording. For the English guided meditations please go here, and our multilingual techniques and practices videos here 

Our guided meditations and visualizations feature a combination of vibratory, rhythmic and melodic sounds of our three large gongs, authentic Himalayan singing bowls and other sound tools. Utilizing NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) methods and techniques, as well as elements from Jungian based practices, they are intended to amplify the message of each intention and serve as a holistic aid to enter a psycho acoustic gateway to deep states of relaxation and an adjustment of your nature of being.

Each guided meditation will potentially assist in raising self esteem, self motivation, inspiration, confidence, mindfulness, inner peace, happiness, positive thinking and more. We recommend listening to the presentations with a set of headphones, they support. Please note that all recordings should not be listened to while driving a vehicle ;).

While our meditation recordings are designed to allow for substantial inner exploration, sometimes it may require the guidance of a qualified counselor and life-coach to explore deeper layers of one's inner workings in order to break up deep seated blockages that prevent the achievement of success, self esteem, sustained well-being, happiness, loving relationships and more. In person one-on-one or small group sessions as well as online Skype consultations are available for your convenience,  learn more here.