Authentic hand hammered singing bowls from Kathmandu, Nepal

Singing bowls originated in the pre-Buddhist, shamanic Bon Po culture of the Himalayas. Often called “Tibetan” singing bowls, they are actually made in Bhutan, Nepal, India, and Tibet. They are ‘resting bells’ or ‘resting gongs’ whose origin seems to date back to a Bronze Age in China some 4,000 years ago.

One of the purposes of the singing bowl is its use for meditation. The sound generated either by tapping and / or rimming (singing) the bowl, takes the mind away from drifting thoughts and assists the listener to move into its true peaceful nature, found in the present moment, the eternal NOW - the only place where Life happens. The bowls assist to reconnect or balance with the deepest truth of our essential and innermost being, the divine spark within.

Ideally suited for meditation and introspection, Marian explains and demonstrates how to play a Himalayan singing bowl.


See how a hand hammered Himalayan singing bowl gets its magic. Filmed in Kathmandu, Nepal by Marian Kraus Photography

The sound of these singing bowls has powerful effects on your nervous systems and is a wonderful vehicle to reduce and dissipate stress. Make sure to see the video showing how they are made. It is an ideal visualization and meditation tool that will increase the quality of your quiet times and amplify the set-point of your intentions.  Singing bowls are ideal for use in homes, offices, health care facilities, schools, yoga studios, spas, wellness centers, senior living homes and more. Each singing bowl includes a doughnut shaped brocade cushion and suede bound wooden striker. The singing bowls featured here are identical to the high-quality ones we use in our sound therapy sessions.

In addition we feature the suitable mallets, brocade cushions, Burmese Bells (Kyeezee) and Ting Shas, all made in Nepal. If you wish to see another wonderful video, please visit "Impressions from Nepal"