These books were written by us based on our own journeys through life. Their intent is to inspire the reader to reflect on their lives and to apply changes where appropriate. 


“Openings” is a wonderful workbook / journal which provides the reader 5 specific meditations and affirmations and features a number of Marian’s photographs from travels in Colombia, Mexico and the US and has a small “blank” section for the reader to utilize to record insights, reflections, inspirations and the like. Ideally the book should be used in conjunction with a singing bowl to fortify the meditative journey.

"Inspirationals" features Marian Kraus' photographs and inspirational writings. His objective, to “capture and convey the interconnectedness of all that is in and around us in its most essential and purest form,” is eloquently and elegantly executed. The book is meant to bring the reader closer to the fragile state of our planet and the need for such elementary qualities as peace, compassion, truth, love, respect and forgiveness. It is available as print or digital download version.

Un Minuto Para Ti” by Gaby Ramírez is written in Spanish. The book shows us how important and easy it is to nurture every aspect of our being and thereby experience a wholesome life. Instead of experiencing it through the constant feeling of fear and lack, which lead to compulsions, addictions, co-dependent relations and depression, the book highlights how to “nurture”