Cultivating the Awareness of Giving and Receiving

The cloudy and cold days arrived, bringing with it a change in the routine and our emotions. Natural cycles replaced the long, warm days of sunny mornings and late sunsets with short, cold days and early, dark evenings. The holidays arrived, accentuating the feeling of nostalgia and loneliness for many people, and the yearning for a hug to warm the soul.

This time of year might be a good opportunity to be resourceful, creative and expressive. Look for what reminds us of joy – like music for example…we can begin with the sound of our voice and the words we choose, the tone and inflection we add… continuing with laughter, singing, and the dance that may follow; playing piano, guitar or making rhythms with a drum…one could meditate, create poetry, or sing a song together.

What wonderful opportunities to create moments for ourselves and for sharing them with others, activities that connect us with that precious part of our Being: joy, harmony, love and peace. This is exactly the part of us that at some point, unconsciously, many have decided to continuously anesthetize in the eagerness of being productive, practical and occupied…because after all “Time is Money”…or perhaps, because it is easier to connect ourselves to the webs of networks, instead of connecting with our essential selves.

We therefore would like to invite you, right here and now, to pause and reconnect with your selves. Take a few deep breaths and from the profound point of love, peace and joy that you are, to connect with you and with your loved ones. It may be as simple as a good old fashioned hand written card or letter, a phone call or invite to spend time over tea, coffee or a meal together. And if you are considering giving something, give something special, an experience that will enrich the soul, for you and the recipient…

Humans have the blissful combination of duality. On one hand, there is the body, governed by a brain that registers and manages, a mind that stores information, classifies, interprets, analyses, and invents. In addition, there are senses that help us feel, verify and understand the experiences of our environments.

On the other hand, as unique “Beings” of essence, love, harmony, wisdom and peace that we are, to understand something profound or essential like love, many of us need to register it through our senses in the brain. So therefore, a ritual or a symbol might help to activate that sense in us: a hug, a kiss, a flower, a poem, a ring, a song, a romantic dinner, a celebration, reading a book together, a heavenly moment of meditation with the soothing sound of gongs and singing bowls, etc. All these activate senses that capture and register moments as something real because we are validating it with our vision, touch, taste, smell and hearing.


The idea here is not to fall into the trap of meaningless consumerism, so rampant especially this time of year. Break the well-known habit of making purchases out of obligation, entertainment or a compulsion for adding more stuff. Instead, choose to utilize the importance of the symbol as a vehicle for understanding the profound and essential elements from the role of the ritual and deeper symbolic meaning. Embrace the opportunity to assign a different purpose to material objects, choose them as something truly special that will bring you and the receiver closer to the loving experience that nourishes our hearts and souls.

Let us not delay to reconnect with our own beautiful Being and that of our loved ones. Let us remind each other of the deep meaning of life, through expressions, rituals and objects that will translate into moments of gratitude for those who build an experience together, a lasting testimony of the miraculous wonders of life…

Jason MillsComment