Essential steps to Meditation and Mindfulness in a really busy world

In the current era, we are constantly surrounded by technology, visual stimuli and noises of all kinds. We are being bombarded with endless torrents of information, delivered to us through our hand held magic devices, providing universes of entertainment and endless channels, ceaseless streams of themes and topics, completely stealing our attention and energy from the present moment, the eternal here and now….

In the “old days”, before the industrial, electronic and now digital revolution (and introduction of very different dynamics), our energy was set in the current time and space, allowing us to focus within, or the person or persons we were with, our partner, family, or the project and adventure at hand. Nowadays, instead, we are surrounded by continuous and multiple cascades of distractions, the prevailing challenging experience for our children and for ourselves.

Through powerful streams of information, that often do not allow us to see clearly, to reflect, integrate, or simply to “breathe”, we are lead to process unstoppably. And oftentimes, in the best case scenario, when we have become expert navigators, there is simply no time to stop and experience the silence or tranquility of life, to go within our thoughts, feelings and reflections. This constant state of being resembles chronic stress at its best. Chronic stress reigns at the top of causes for a growing number of adverse health conditions.

Today being in the complete presence with someone might appear to be too mundane, slow, simple, even boring or perhaps not exciting enough to fulfill the high speed demands and ways of being we are getting used to. Conditions that have become normal states of existence. While in a conversation, we are already consulting our device once again because we “need to acquire a fact” in order to continue, or to “enrich” our conversation. Or perhaps we create a clumsy opportunity to check our chats or e-mails, at the risk of missing something if we do not. At times this can be very disturbing or painful for the person we are “engaged” with and who easily may be aware of our resulting absence, even though physically we are seemingly together.

Big business finds this new dynamic of constant distraction very attractive. It allows to optimize advertising, leading to increased sales and profits. Many people feel they increase their productivity by multi-tasking. The fundamental risk is that these modern dynamics lead people to experience a profound lack of presence. And it is only through real presence that we can experience true fulfillment, peace and love in every new moment.

So, because we live in this era, and inadvertently get pulled along with these technological resources and noise, which admittedly also bring some advantages with them, the best we can do to maintain our balance and salvage our whole being, is to reconnect to our essence. To our essential life, love, peace, joy and spirituality. All completely possible through meditation and mindfulness. And contrary to common belief you do not need to be a meditation expert or have endless hours available to sit in quietude in order to do it.

No matter where you are, or what your circumstances are, you can begin a mindful approach to your life at any time. Start by setting aside three minutes per day, close your eyes and focus on a slow deep breathing sequence. As you inhale and exhale consciously, set the following thoughts in your mind:

“I am essence”…….“I am love”……..“I am harmony”.

Over time, 3 minutes might grow into 5 and then into 11 or more. Do not be discouraged if sometimes you may only be able to generate one or two seconds of mindfulness, that too is a meditation. And then one day this meditative state of awareness and consciousness may become an integrated constant experience, your “normal” state of being.

Someday, through constant practice, you will notice that this state of awareness and peace, is part of you, in all your affairs and activities.

As you start or continue your practice of mindfulness, we want to share these profound meditations with you that may assist as wonderful vehicles to your loving, healing and expansive experience of life. Aside from a soothing human voice leading you into a meditative state, they all contain background sounds generated by instruments such as the ocean drum, the didgeridoo, gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, Koshi chimes and others. Curative (as opposed to parasitic) sounds are ancient vehicles to bring humans back to their core, to their essence, to their humanity.

The meditative state of being is part of our nature…we just need to re-member it, allow to reconnect with it. It all begins with a deep and mindful breath…

Jason MillsComment