How to bring the colors and vigor of spring back into your life

Recently one of our clients commented: “My marriage is less than ideal…”, a common occurrence that weaves through many relationships, whether marriage, among partners, family members or at work.


Now that we are in March, the month that promises the colorful return of the longed-for spring, where everything that was arid and seemingly inert, regains freshness, aroma, vibrancy and colors, we wanted to take this opportunity to point toward Nature which shows us that life is a continuous miracle of renewal and change.

How many people would not want to feel that spring is also coming to their relationship? That communication and inspiration, joy and passion, tenderness and care for each other, can bloom again?

Everything in life has a wise sequence with deep meaning and wisdom. For some people, to truly understand and appreciate light, they first must experience shadow, to understand presence, they need to experience and understand absence, to appreciate love and community, they must experience loneliness…

Many times, we may feel that everything is over, and all that is left are dry and colorless branches, devoid of life and energy. And that inspiration, passion and tenderness exist just as a fleeting memory in our minds…

But life is a mirror of nature, always going through cycles, contrasts, stages of introspection and stages of manifestation; like as it happens in the complete movement of the heart – diastole and systole, recollection and expansion, silence and expression, absence and presence. Once we experience the completeness of this cycle, we can understand it better, treasure and appreciate it. The newfound wisdom serves us to replenish, rebuild and revive!

So today, dear friend, as we are coming out of a cold winter in the northern hemisphere, we want to encourage you to deeply experience the first messages of “spring” and invite you to focus on the flower of your life. And when you recognize its magnificence, share it with others…

Make time to select and plant the seeds you wish to see blossom in time to come. Water, treasure and protect them. Following we wish to share a few ideas to inspire you:

  1. say NO to many widespread distractors and instead, spend quality time together
  2. foster meaningful and deep conversations with your partner and be present with each other
  3. find a “together” word and make plans for activities which pivot around that word
  4. find fun interests that prompt you having fun and laughter together
  5. experience and share moments of silence in meditation and reflection
  6. take a long walk in nature, listen to the song of birds and admire the miracle of life…

And to snap out of it and break habitual patterns that may prevent you from actualizing some of the above, put a rubber band on your wrist. Any time you have a negative thought, snap that band to pull you out of that mental groove. Above all, it takes its own time to apply emotional intelligence and become good it…so practice, practice, practice.

Should the rubber band approach not be strong enough for you, consider utilizing the guidance of our mindfulness programs, one specifically designed for women and another one for men and women. We are in the final stages of launching one specifically designed for couples. In the meantime, we wish you the most colorful experience beginning right now by visualizing where you want to be and invite you to use the free download of our “Creating my Life” guided meditation.

Jason MillsComment