Change and the Gong

We all hear friends and people saying: “Change is good”. Yes, whole heartedly agree, change – the process of becoming different – is good. Yet, while change – the only constant in Life – is inevitable, being properly prepared for “it” is essential so it does not blow us out of our personal orbit.

Before I continue, allow me to share a brief visual depiction of rust with you. Change in one of its most essential forms – steel being transformed by air and moisture from “new to old”. So many of us view rust as a nuisance. Yet, what you may discover in my visual treatise is that, once again, it is all a matter of one’s perspective, imagination and open mindedness. Sit back, relax and let your mind wander…and who knows, you may see beauty and aesthetics come at you…enjoy.

The photographs for the piece were created at the Fox River Trolley Museum in South Elgin, IL and the Nederland Mining Museum in Nederland, CO.

There are many forms of change, i.e. MetamorphosisSocial ChangeMoney change etc. etc. Yet, what I am referring to in this entry is change related to personal development.

There is desired change, oftentimes facilitated by our choices, change we wish to occur. And then there is unexpected (and sometimes undesired) change, oftentimes that which is beyond our control.

Regardless of its point of origin, we deal with change depending on our outlook, attitude and personal capacity. Based on our knowledge, life experiences, wisdom, available information, emotional state etc., we process and adapt to it according to the best of our abilities. And because I believe that there is a gift in everything, no matter whether “good or bad”, can we welcome and embrace change so it can provide us with the benefits of its nature…? And…what is our degree of awareness and consciousness to notice it… and how apt are we to roll with change and all that it brings us?

While I realize that these are somewhat far reaching questions that may require complex answers beyond the scope of this brief article, I nevertheless wish for you to muse over what it takes for you to be best equipped to embrace personal change. Inner change, without the proper congruent action will not last in the physical world. There must be an external tangible expression of the inner shift in order for it to become rooted as a new standard of who we are becoming. On the other hand, change brought on from the outside that is not supported by an adjustment of our inner world will not stick in the long run. Both require a willingness and commitment to change…

It has been my experience that a mindful approach to life, coupled with a regular meditative practice increase one’s ability to consciously adapt to change, no matter what its origin. The many healing and transformative qualities of gongs and singing bowls amplify that ability. Gongs have been used for 4,000 years as psycho acoustic gateways to heightened states of awareness and consciousness. Ancient cultures have known about the transformative qualities of these indigenous instruments. Their transformative properties and qualities are all rooted in ancient science that is being re-discovered in our times. Aroused your interest? To explore the transformative qualities of the gongs follow me here please.

Jason MillsComment