Clearing the Mirror of Consciousness

The mind is a world of its own, a palace of mutually reflecting mirrors, in which imagination emerges creatively out of the divine mind – or sometimes runs riot. It is a self-creative realm, where everything thought acquires has an existence having its own laws, irrespective of the physical universe. Here memories mesh with memories, moving out of their time-bound setting into the timeless. Here inventions outreach their utility, and ideas interface and cross pollinate, declaring themselves to be anonymous.

The divine hand is involved in everything happening as well as in every thought. Behind what we think is our individual thinking, one can recognize the thinking of humanity as a whole, the thinking of the planet, planetary consciousness, which is an extension of the divine mind. For what we believe are our consciousness are an infinite array of mirrors, reflecting the One in manifold forms. Indeed, creativity is tapping the divine thinking. It is the mirror’s impurities that distort, causing the world of imagination run amok. We recognize here our world of incessant fantasies, phantasmagoria, and self-deception, with its resultant suffering. The only answer for us to reach that state is to clear the mirror. Our goal is to reach catharsis; a well-known equilibrium, a balance. We as travelers on the paths of life are susceptible to suggestions, particularly to the danger of negative auto-suggestion, which build up mental impurities.

When consciousness is refurbished, mind becomes crystal clear, and one begins to develop extraordinary powers of perception, acuity, intuition, even prophecy. One’s dreams and visions become revealing. One sees the cause behind the cause and the purpose behind the purpose of all situations instead of being obsessed by their outward appearance.

He who discovers meaningfulness attains purpose in his life. Only to the narrowed-down individual mind does the word impossible make sense, to the God-conscious, the only acceptable concept is all-possibility.

The above was inspired by excerpts from an introduction to Hazrat Inayat Khan’s book: “Spiritual Dimensions of Psychology”, written in 1981. It is apparent to see that slightly different words were used to describe current concepts of the “new science”, mainly that our thought ultimately creates our individual realities and the fact that we alone ultimately choose our thoughts. A fact known to the ancient sages and wise ones.

The visual sequence in the video was chosen to serve as an aid for one to reflect on the universal creative power that created it all and to remember that we are that. We are part of the God consciousness which allows for constant access to the vast ocean of possibilities and potentialities. All it requires from us is to be tapped into the continuous stream of universal mind or collective consciousness, to be able to creatively recognize and manifest our dreams, visions and aspirations. The choice is ours, always. The sound clip the images ride on was extracted from a recording that we did during our September 2015 Gong Puja, featuring all-night continuous gong play for 8 hours. No doubt that gongs assist in the process of connecting with the higher realms within.

So are we present for the process of uncovering, discovering and discarding? Replacing that which does not serve us any longer with new thought patterns and belief systems? Change is not always easy and is shunned by most people because of the levels of “comfort” that come from within the known. But if you are not content with who and where you are in your life, why not apply different thoughts and actions in order to expect different results? Remember…if nothing changes…nothing changes…

Jason MillsComment