Healing Vibrations of Nature

It is winter, and earlier this week the Chicago, IL area was hit by its 5th worst blizzard in recorded history, with 19” of snow falling within 24 hours. As I look out the window the sunshine is deceiving…after all, it was 5 deg. F this morning. While nature is hibernating in the northern hemisphere at the present, most of the world here now primarily appears in black & white, devoid of vibrant colors, no warmth…lots of snow. A great time to remember what it will look like and feel in a few months to come.

Nature, with its multitude of healing and transformational powers will awaken and share its magic and wonder with those in tune with it. If transformation is something you desire, nature has the inescapable ability to inspire, and readiness to change your life. Relax and enjoy this short multi media piece I created as a reminder and in celebration of magnificent Mother Nature.

We all face the human condition and no one is excluded from the complex challenges of life. Being tested by particular and unique life circumstances is inevitable and something to be expected; however, it is how each person handles and overcomes their own fragility that is important. This is why nature can serve as a salve and a spark – it heals before it inspires, or it inspires one to heal, causing a transformation to occur, taking the individual from who they were, to who they want to be.


It is also the reason why, as an artist, I concentrate on the healing effect that the gongs and photography, or sound and light provide for me and countless others. And Nature, with its countless sounds and scenes clearly provides a rich tapestry of inspiration.

I know firsthand that inner healing to a large degree comes through inspiration and creativity and, on the other hand, from inspiration one is encouraged to heal and create. This wonderful cycle is sort of the transformation that many people seek, but not everyone achieves. I feel that there ought to be a personal longing for these qualities in one’s life.

Your personal environments, the places where you live and work are good starting points for transformation and raising the vibrational frequencies surrounding you. Essentially that is one of the many aspects of what the multi faceted ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui pursues. The goal of Feng Shui as practiced today is to situate the human built environment on spots with good Qi, a movable positive or negative life force which plays an essential role in Feng Shui. Images and energies that represent the vital elements of Feng Shui are an integral part of this 3,500+ year old ancient science.

Consider the deeper symbolic and mythological meanings that are apparent in nature and which constitute essential building blocks to creative expression in many of the arts. In reflecting upon repetitive patterns, commonly known as the Golden Ratio, and studying symbols that find root in ancient, mythological, and archetypal images, striking similarities become apparent.

There are four general subject matters within the natural elements of life, namely:

Earth                    Water                    Air                     Fire

Wrapped in each element are a number of subjects or settings, images we’ve all seen and appreciate in one way or another. Each of these is representative and highly effective in releasing and conveying a universal power that can assist you in understanding, integrating and growing as an individual.

Before we move on to understanding and exploring how to apply these expressions in our personal evolution, observe your reaction to some of that exists within each of the four elements:

Earth WaterAirFire

Rock & StoneOceanSkySpark





Desert and SandDewThunderSunset


Beach and IslandIce and SnowRainbowMoon and Stars


Do you recognize a certain attraction or contextual affinity towards some groups over others? Do you notice that you gravitate more toward one element over another?


Explore the way these elements bring about a transition in your life and gauge your personal reaction and visceral response to each. Do know that nature raises your vibration and frequency, thus allowing you to access and radiate personal energies towards positive healing and growth, contributing to the greater good of all.

Take the awesomeness of trees for instance. Many trees are held to be sacred or magic in different cultures. Reverence for the power of trees goes back to primitive beliefs that gods and spirits inhabited them. As mythologies developed, the idea of a mighty tree that formed a central axis for the flow of divine energy linking the supernatural and natural worlds took symbolic shape in the Tree of Life (Arbor Vitae) or cosmic tree, rooted in the waters of the underworld and passing through earth to heaven.

There are many ways to embrace the symbolism represented by a tree and reap its benefits daily. As you go for walks in nature, drive down a street lined with trees, or observe a photograph of trees and woods. In most every setting, the powerful presence of a tree is undeniable. And in their multiplicity, they are mesmerizing, life giving, magnificent and very energizing organisms. Even in winter!

Studying the different components of a tree allows one to understand the fullness of it in nature. The roots grow deep into the earth; the sturdy trunk weathers all storms; the branches extend high into the sky. There are many physical aspects of a tree that one can draw power and inspiration from (i.e. seeds, roots, trunk, wood, bark, branches, leaves, canopy etc.). Here is the symbolism associated with specific trees:

  • Oak is associated with strength
  • Ash with peace and protection
  • Birch with healing
  • Cedar with courage
  • Cypress with comfort and the ability to cope with loss
  • Elder with acceptance and change
  • Maple with longevity
  • Pear with clarity
  • Willow with overcoming depression

However, the bigger draw of a tree lies in its rich symbolism:

  • Trees are grounding and expansive
  • Trees allow humans to ride on waves of energy that underscore existence as we know it
  • They fuel life in many ways
  • They have the ability to connect us with our true identity.
  • Native American Indians refer to trees as “The Standing People”
  • From them we may gain the potential to heightened sensory perception

As we allow these understandings to infiltrate our thoughts and actions, we are then able to expel a grand presence into the universe, increasing our reverberations and casting out positive energies that stir the world around us. This further stimulates positivity in all that we do and think, and encourages those around us to do the same. We raise the overall energetic vibration, the frequencies within us and our environment.


So in closing, make certain to incorporate spending a good amount of time in nature, regardless if it is freezing cold or scorching hot, and continue to hear the powerful sound of the gongs and Himalayan singing bowls as well as other healing instruments. You can catch the next gong meditation session here.

The photographs for this blog were provided by Marian Kraus Photography, a Chicago area based professional architectural and fine art photographer. Marian furthermore creates pictures with sound and facilitates sound immersions and sonic excursions with large gongs and singing bowls. You can find out more about him here

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