Life’s Openings and Sound

The element of “surrender and let go” most oftentimes brings one closer to the wonders and magic of life’s journey. Just in the past three months my path opened to several significant new cycles and, conversely, ended others. Just to name one of them, the sale of my house concluded a 7 year long segment that represents one of the most significant growth periods of my life. And in the conclusion of this segment, walking into a flooded basement two weeks prior to the scheduled closing date no doubt prompted me to trust, surrender and let go.

The process of repeated letting go’s opened up a pathway for personal expansion in multiple ways and freed up capacities that laid dormant due to ongoing economic pressures. Now once again fully enjoying an approach to life of “less is more” on multiple levels – after all I am living in a studio apartment at the present and loving it – I am now able to share this first entry again.

The past 11 months have been filled with the magical qualities of love, gratitude, light, synchronicity, happiness, exploration, transition and expansion. Every moment in our lives is about openings. We all truly float in a vast ocean of possibilities and potentialities. The choice to actively and consciously swim in it and to envision or create that which we wish to see manifested, our reality, is completely ours.

Our thoughts, prompted by our system of beliefs, i.e. all that we have learned in our childhood, negative or positive, expansive or limiting etc., represent attractor fields. When thoughts are attached to a strong feeling – positive or negative, loving or fearful etc. – it is that combination that determines, kind of like an invisible magnet, what we connect with and ultimately manifest in our lives. It follows then that all of your reality – your own interpretation of every circumstance you experience – is there for you to choose from millions of different possibilities. Therefore, become aware of and never ever underestimate the power of your thoughts. They essentially are your energy expressed through feelings, convictions, symbols, words, actions and behaviors. Once again, just in case you missed it: Your thoughts create your reality!

So the process to actively swim in this ocean of potentialities is like opening a door or window to life’s essence. I believe that essence to be an ongoing stream of wonder and amazement resulting in personal evolution. Amazement about the magical journey of life for which we all received an invitation to at the time of our physical birth and arrival on this planet, which itself is a magical wonder.

Everything on this planet vibrates, including you and me. Sound and light are energies manifested in vibrations. Life is vibration, the combination of both elements is like embracing our own essence and that is where the dance of life begins. The dance between us and life, needed to create movement. Life is movement, expansion is movement, and it all happens in the present moment, in the eternal NOW. So as you go forth, open yourself to the endless possibilities that lay at your feet, ready to be picked by you.

There is a myriad of tools and vehicles available that assist in the ability to heighten ones’ awareness to make conscious choices and thereby to tap into this vast ocean of possibilities in a more discerning and focused fashion. Introspection, prayer, meditation, yoga, quality time spent in nature are just a few of them. Others are sound, the sound of gongs and Himalayan singing bowls, the didgeridoo, drums, tuning forks and other indigenous instruments. Gongs and singing bowls however amplify the process of connecting with the higher part of one’s self, with one’s essence. Other names for it are heaven, life-force, super-consciousness, collective consciousness, universal energy, God and many others. Call it what you will, it is the part we are all familiar with when we feel tapped in and turned on. When we feel happy and content, fulfilled and at peace and harmony with ourselves and the world we live in.

We are all exposed to unprecedented levels of noise and interference. Whichever method you may choose to reduce or next to eliminate the noise and interference that surrounds you, do it fast, regular and do it often. We are all naturally equipped to resonate with the universal energy in full harmony, life is truly a ticket to the greatest show on earth and love is the energy that holds it all together. So be good to your Self, breathe, smile and think good thoughts. Together we can raise the vibrational frequency of this planet. 


Jason MillsComment