Living and identifying your dream

When you consider that the average life span on the planet is 69.64 years, then you realize that we are here for a very, very short time, at least in our human bodies. If you then continue and consider the duration of the various developmental stages of a human being, i.e. childhood, youth, adulthood and ripened age, it becomes even clearer that the “prime time for full throttle living” is much shorter. And of course, this has a different meaning for every one of us at different points in our lives.

If then in addition we look at the technological and socio-economic developments, of say just the past decade, it becomes very apparent that the aspects of recognizing the need for developing and living a balanced, wholesome lifestyle in this very fast and complex world we live in, is increasingly challenging.

So the question is, if money did not matter, what do you want to do with your life? What do you desire? Where does this leave us with an existentially important awareness of ourselves and the world we live in? How do you identify and live your dream? How do you create the space within yourself to ask the right questions and to be able to hear the answers? It took me several years to identify one of my dreams in life and to make it a reality. It was a process of uncovering, discovering and discarding which eventually led me to leaving my corporate carreer of 20 years…

To “unplug” without the use of medication or mind altering substances has probably become one of the most difficult, yet equally important tasks of our time. So the question for you is, do you make the time to “unplug”, be it with a walk in nature, a yoga class, a meaningful book, making or listening to music etc., etc., etc., etc. on a regular basis?

Stress reduction, relaxation, releasing pressure and the raising of one’s awareness through the use of sound is one of the most ancient ways of doing it. Much has been written about it and more can be found on this website. Have you ever tried a sound immersion brought to you through the vibration and harmonics of gongs? Try it, it will literally blow you away and allow for a very inexpensive yet effective way of allowing your mind to vacation. The next upcoming sonic excursion can be found here and it is my hope of meeting you there.


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