The Healing Song

Information without integration is just that, information…bits and pieces of data. Knowledge on the other hand is acquired through integration of information. Through the process of integrating and living the new found nuggets, knowledge eventually turns into the precious quality of mind and consciousness commonly known as wisdom.

At the end of September 2014 the very talented documentary filmmaker Deborah Libby and I were fortunate to connect. She had found my website and inquired whether I would be interested to have my sound therapy work be a part of her short feature documentary on alternative healing methods. Clearly, I was. Fast forward 3 months and the film you can see above is an outstanding and masterfully crafted piece by her, that highlights the personal transformation of Toni Morales. You know from your own experience what it takes to loose 5 – 10 lbs, and then to keep them from coming back… Well, imagine that over the course of about 2 ½ years she dropped 140 lbs of body weight, and has been able to keep it off!! Imagine loosing another person that resides within you…literally. The shedding of various aspects of oneself, including body mass.

Clearly, the process requires more than just watching what you put, or better, not put into your mouth. It requires a rather significant rising of one’s awareness and consciousness and the ability to go deep into the inner workings of your mind so that you may discover, uncover and discard a series of engrained thinking and behavioral patterns, habits and old tapes, to say the least – and then to replace them with healthy ones.

The movie conveys how my gong baths were and continue to be an integral part for Toni’s transformation. How the magnificently and multifaceted qualities of sound therapy contribute to achieving the goals on several fronts of her life. By heightening her own awareness to what makes her tick and what does not make her tick, the vibrations and frequencies of the gongs and Himalayan singing bowls continue to tie it all together for Toni. They allow for an ongoing tremendously rewarding and enriching transformation in her life. She recently ran several 5 K races, something completely unthinkable of two years back. Bravo Toni, You ROCK!!!

Enjoy watching the feature. Raise your own bar and check my event schedule for an upcoming Gong Bath meditation.

“The Healing Song”, a short feature documentary by filmmaker Deborah Libby highlights Marian’s sound work and how it assists in people’s personal transformation and inner healing process.

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