Seven Benefits of Visualization and Affirmations


Just in case you may not have heard it yet…stress is a worldwide epidemic, according to the World Health Organization. In the U.S. alone, about 80 % of individuals are “afflicted by stress,” stated Gallup.

And while some stress is essential to our functioning and survival, it is the chronic type of stress we are referring to that is detrimental to your health in the long run. Chronic stress affects a huge number of adults as well as adolescents and children. “It is a top health concern for U.S. teens between 9th and 12th grade. Psychologists say that if the youngsters don’t learn healthy ways to manage that stress now, it could have serious long-term health implications,” per the American Psychological Association.

Individuals around the world are fighting the stress epidemic by deliberately becoming more mindful and balanced through visualizations and affirmations.

Why Visualization and Affirmation?

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Visualization and affirmation are tools that can powerfully raise your consciousness and result in decreased stress because they help you to access your subconscious mind. The part of your brain that “runs the show”, whether you know it or not. These practices can help you:  

  1. Deeply relax, feel refreshed and recharged

  2. Enhance immunity and tissue repair

  3. Improve your relationships and reach your goals

  4. Have a healthier cardiovascular system

  5. Access your subconscious to make lasting behavioral changes, essential in creating a new personal reality

  6. Maintain a consistently positive mood

  7. Become more emotionally balanced, resilient, confident, and grateful

In the early ‘80s the late Louise L. Hay wrote the classic “You can Heal your Life” based on her own needs for consistent and empowering affirmations. The book has sold over 40 million copies worldwide…Aside from written affirmations, video and audio are two learning mediums that help individuals engage daily in affirmation and visualization and reap the rewards of their regular practice of changing neural pathways.

How Video Affirmations Can Effectively Reduce Stress


Most people prefer video-based learning. If given the choice to watch a video tutorial or read a book or blog post for example, the average learner will choose video. After all the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words…

While it is personal preference, one of the reasons why video is effective is because “Of all the information transmitted to the brain, 90 percent is visual,” stated eLearning Industry. “As opposed to text, visuals are processed thousands times faster.” Since movies are “motion pictures”, video improves learning results, according to the Huffington Post.

Video-based mindfulness guides are growing in popularity and can quickly raise your consciousness by helping you overcome limiting beliefs and break through inner emotional blockages. Another great benefit is that they can be accessed anywhere at any time, kind of like your personal life-coach, mentor or therapist. The free Delamora video guides impart the following priceless skills, as well as many others: 

  • Positivity

  • Overcoming fear and anxiety

  • Changing negative emotional patterns

  • Connecting with your inner strength  

Learn more about how our video guides for daily mindfulness practice can support your process of personal transformation here.  

Why Use Guided Audio Meditations?  


While some prefer video, auditory learners will benefit most from our guided meditation downloads. These pre-recorded guided meditations will prove invaluable to individuals who wish to decrease stress and increase their quality of life. And for a busy lifestyle, once downloaded or accessed on the Delamora app, they too are conveniently accessible from any of your devices.

Guided audio meditation downloads are the next best thing to having a live seat at one of the Delamora sound-based therapy sessions. Available in English and Spanish, our guided meditation downloads are the perfect combination of convenience and stress relief.

The Purpose of Raising Your Consciousness

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No doubt we all live in a very busy and “loud” world. And oftentimes each new day seems to add to the noise because of a new senseless tragedy in the world took place, politicians make you wonder “…Really…?” or another ecological crisis took place somewhere on the planet.

Raising your consciousness and vibrational frequency on a regular basis enables you to discern better for yourself what truly matters to staying strong, resilient and much more. Being aware and mindful contributes to living a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

Our guided meditation downloads and video guides were created with that in mind. They are simple tools that assist you in staying motivated and at a balanced and high functional level. Regular usage, coupled with a strong desire and discipline for reaching inner peace even in the most stressful situations, they are designed to help you get chronic stress under control.

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Find out about some additional ways to expand your awareness with our other offerings and make sure to check out our Delamora app