The Urgent Need for Feminine Energy in Our Technology-Driven World

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More than any other time in history, there is an urgent need for balance and harmony in society.

Technology is rapidly developing, and while it can benefit our lives, it can just as easily deteriorate them. “Even as wireless communications and the Internet have opened things up, constant contact and 24/7 access impairs mental health and overall quality of life,” stated a contributor to Psychology Today. Also, “Studies have shown excessive social media use can lead to feelings of depression and dependency in some people,” stated Piedmont Healthcare. A study by NPR mentioned that teen depression and suicide is linked to smartphone use. What’s more, the overuse - or abuse - of technology can also negatively affect relationships.

If the constant use of technology isn’t balanced with something called feminine energy, it can be very destructive. When coupled with this energy, it is beneficial.

What is Feminine Energy?

Have you ever heard of Yin and Yang? If so, you understand that these polarized energies are interdependent and cannot properly function without one another.

Feminine energy is the Yin, whereas masculine energy is the Yang. The former is receptive, fluid, yielding, and nurturing. Masculine energy, on the other hand, is provisional, action-oriented, assertive, and direct.

Technology, which is what powers the modern world, is driven by masculine energy.

Why Our Technologically Dominated World Needs Yin Energy


In the past, feminine energy flourished in the Minoan and Babylonian cultures. Today, things are much different. Art, history, philosophy -- these Yin-energy subjects are becoming increasingly devalued in schools. There is also a low emphasis on consciousness and integration.

In educational institutions, there is a constant reinforcement of technology, data, algorithms, sales, competition, social and political fragmentation, power, and domination. In other words, masculine energy rules the education sector, as well as many other spheres of society.

There is nothing superior about either feminine energy or masculine energy. What is detrimental is when one reigns supreme and is unchecked by the other. In the western world, the Yang, or the masculine, is dominant. As a result, our mental and emotional health suffers.

To rebalance society and our very lives, Yin energy must be reawakened. When feminine energy is prioritized as strongly as masculine energy is, harmony will ensue.

How to Restore Feminine Energy and Promote Societal Balance


To say that the world is not a harmonious place is an understatement.

The key to turning things around is connecting individuals with their innate feminine energy. This need for balance and reconnection with feminine energy is fundamental for men, women, and children.

Our ‘Mindfulness for You’ program is focused on reconnecting individuals with their Yin energy and re-establishing their dignified identity. It is designed to restore:

  • Self-love

  • Confidence in their intuition

  • Awareness of their importance in society and at work

  • Consciousness

  • Harmonious connection with others

In addition to this program, we offer other programs that balance in the Yin and Yang within each individual. They offer tools to males and females of every age that enable them to utilize and employ feminine energy and its healing and restorative qualities in their lives and society.

Find out more about our ‘Mindfulness for You’ program and other programs here.