Trust in your ability to materialize the unseen


What you are about to read is one of many incidents we EXPERIENCED. We like to share it with you to emphasize the fact that there is much more meaning and importance to the dimension which we commonly do not experience with our 5 senses, our expanded awareness.

It was a warm, sunny Friday morning in August of 2015. Gabriela and I were scheduled to facilitate one of our guided gong meditations in Chesterton, Indiana later that day, and so we decided to combine it with some leisure time on the beach of the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. From there it would be just a few minutes to our scheduled venue later on. 

The water of Lake Michigan was incredibly refreshing on this hot summer day and between lounging on the beach and cooling off in the water, we felt wonderfully recharged and ready to share our inspiration with those that were to be at our session. 

Just as we were pulling up to park and unload the gongs, Gabriela looked at me with HORROR in her eyes. I quizzically looked back at her as we realized that our engagement ring was no longer on her finger. It was gone…nowhere to be found. While backtracking, it became clear to us that it had stayed somewhere on the beach, or even worse, Lake Michigan… Needless to say that the initial spectrum of feelings, thoughts and emotions was broad and ranged anywhere from panic, sadness, disbelief, doubt, frustration to questioning and anger. Yet, after these subsided and passed, we both knew deep down in our hearts that the ring with its own story (to be shared at some other time), was not gone. It was impossible for it to be lost forever. It just did not make any “sense” for it to be lost, and was simply not a reality for us.

We decided to go back to the beach after our event, where Gabriela went to look for it during a thunderstorm while I stayed with Stella in the car and assisted her to manage her aversion of the storm. Well, needless to say that in the dark of the night there was little to zero chance to see. Yet, once again, deep down, there was the certainty that “miracles” do exist and happen. The ring was there, just patiently waiting to be found by us.

While sharing the recount of the experience with the lady who had sold it to Marian, she recommended for us to rent a metal detector. Equipped with such aid, we returned to the beach on early Sunday morning, only to realize that the constant beeping of the equipment posed a big annoyance to the lady who had made herself comfortable in the area we had identified to have been the one we had stayed at 2 days before. Well, so much for the metal detector idea for the time being.

Left with no other choice, we began combing the area by hand and feet. And after only 1 minute of it, would you believe it??!! The “improbable and impossible” happened. On Gabriela’s third reaching into the sand, she scooped out the ring!! You probably can imagine the look on our faces and ecstatic joy and celebration that followed. Now, statistically speaking, the chances of finding a diamond ring on a busy beach, buried in the sand, are probably next to zero or one to a million. Beating the odds against us, we did reconnect with our ring.

Throughout these 3 days of which you received a brief recount here, the two of us were holding the very strong vision for the ring, which we view to be a very strong and powerful symbol for our eternal love, to have been still there. We basically considered it to be just temporarily misplaced. That vision was very strong in us, while overriding any possible doubt that wanted to creep in.

So, what you may want to take away from this recount is this:

  • If your beliefs come from your heart, they are extremely powerful and can and will manifest in reality

  • NEVER give room to fear and doubt. Instead, harness and apply the universal power residing deep within, while coming from a place of love, to aid you in creating that which you envision