Swiftness Mandala

Swiftness Mandala

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Swiftness (Celerity) - inspired by the Aztec flower Naulli Ollin (a.k.a. Mexican Jasmine), which means "always moving", it represents the unique devotion to and manifestation of God, its Omnipotence and the Eternal. It symbolizes that the owner of life, the owner of heaven and earth…is always in movement

Originally hand painted by Mexican fine artist Fabiola Falco. Masterfully applied in a giclée canvas printing process, we use fade-resistant, archival inks and archival substrates to ensure longevity. Our canvas prints are ideally suited for meditation and wall decor for the beautification of your home or office space.

The word Mandala means circle, the perfect shape. Amongst others, it is used as a symbol for the cosmos and eternity. Its ancestral origins are present in cultures from the Aztec, Mayan, Egyptian, Tibetan, Indian, Chinese (Oriental) cultures, to medieval cathedrals and modern icons. All mandalas are loaded with meaning and symbolism. Mandalas maintain mankind’s essence within them.

The renown psychologist Carl Jung used the process of of painting mandalas for observation and understanding of his inner workings. Viewing a mandala provides a wonderful opportunity for creative inspiration and introspection.

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