Acceptance - guided meditation accompanied by soothing sounds

Acceptance - guided meditation accompanied by soothing sounds


A key element to be deeply happy in life is to accept and receive what it is constantly offering us, oftentimes important lessons we need to learn to take the evolutionary step and continue flowing in harmony. So instead of resisting, blocking and keeping yourself in a permanent loop, we invite you to open yourself to life, happiness, and evolution by saying "YES" to its natural unfolding and wise sequence.

Flow with a soothing soundscape comprised of Gabriela's comforting voice leading a guided meditation, accompanied by Himalayan birds, chimes, singing bowls, Burmese whirling gongs and the ocean drum. Overall 19 minutes in length, professionally recorded and mastered.

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Listen to a 2:09 minute excerpt from "Acceptance" which is approx 19 minutes in duration - the sample features parts of Gabriela's introduction and guided meditation as well as the accompaniment of Himalayan singing bowls and Burmese whirling gongs. Extremely relaxing and revealing...