Health - guided meditation focusing on health related elements

Health - guided meditation focusing on health related elements


Follow Gabriela's mesmerizing and soothing voice as it guides the listener on a deep meditative journey of visualizing, embracing and nourishing elements that foster optimal health in one's life...

The soothing yet powerful accompanying blend of bird song recorded in the Himalayas, sound of water, the human voice as well as the didgeridoo, Himalayan singing bowls, give space to shakers and Koshi chimes toward the end, only to round off the highly meditative experience. Your molecules will be stimulated in harmonic resonance as you listen and immerse yourself in a highly relaxing sound envelope. This meditative excursion is altogether 14:20 minutes in length.

Ideal for download onto your mobile device. We highly recommend not to listen to it while driving a car. It will completely relax you, and take you away. Listening with a good headset will enhance your experience. Enjoy listening while supporting the intrinsically ideal and healthy state of your mind, body and spirit connection.

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