Oneness - a dynamic sonic excursion revealing stunning contrasts

Oneness - a dynamic sonic excursion revealing stunning contrasts


After a brief introduction and intention setting, place your intention on “Oneness” with universal essence as the waves of Lake Michigan make way to a sustained Om, and allow yourself to be taken away by the drum beat and didgeridoo. Become aware of your own rhythm and realize that you, and only you, determine your dynamics throughout each moment. As you follow the driving beat, you will eventually encounter contrasting dynamics, a reminder that contrast is an essential part of life. Feel the effects and notice a rising frequency within you, activated by the sounds of Himalayan singing bowls. Several large gongs pave the path for you to then go even deeper, while expanding your sonic excursion. Quantum physics states that we are part of all there is, yet, “Oneness” is a matter of your own perspective. This sound excursion is intended to provide you a gateway to realization and shedding of old beliefs, supported by the ocean drum, native rattles and conclusion with the joyous melodies of Koshi chimes. 

Overall 25 minutes in length, professionally recorded and mastered.

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Listen to a representative sample from "Oneness" - 3:32 minute long extracted from the 25 minute long sound excursion