Relaxation – guided visualization with soothing sonic elements

Relaxation – guided visualization with soothing sonic elements


In today's very fast paced world, the ability to relax appears to be a luxury for many. We have created a wonderful vehicle that is sure to provide you with the space and time to deeply relax. Gabriela's mesmerizing and soothing voice will guide you on a deeply relaxing and meditative journey that will allow for your entire being to recharge on a molecular level.

The soothing yet invigorating sonic accompaniment of bird song recorded in the Himalayas, the ocean drum, elements of the human voice, Himalayan singing bowls as well as the didgeridoo give you a highly meditative space to envelop your soul with. The meditative excursion is altogether 12:35 minutes in length.

Ideal for download onto your mobile device. We highly recommend not to listen to it while driving a car. It will completely relax you, and take you away. Listening with a good headset will enhance your experience. Enjoy listening while supporting the intrinsically ideal and healthy state of your mind, body and spirit connection.

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