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Our individual sessions for adults, teenagers and couples provide a safe space and time where clients receive our full attention and care. We assist individuals or couples to examine their understanding of life and their specific, prevailing circumstances. During the dialogue we open a clearer or new path for individuals to co-creating their life, renewing one-self, or beginning a new stage in their life. By applying different dynamics and methodologies, the individual will reconnect with his or her self-confidence and inherent power, and thereby refine all which comes from within: strength, clarity, wisdom, love, harmony and peace.

Our small group experiences provide the following 3-stage programs on Mindfulness, each broken down into 7 sessions, held once a week and each featuring a sound meditation. In addition we also offer programs that are specifically tailored to Corporations, please find out more here.

Stage 1 - Integration  

During this 1st stage on Integration you will learn how to:

  • create peaceful moments for yourself and experience your true Self, which is the first step toward awareness

  • explore the mind – your best friend or worst enemy

  • apply ways to create balance in your life

  • be able to integrate it all, which will serve as portal to living a mindful life

Stage 2 - Expansion

During this 2nd stage on Expansion you will:

  • experience a personal reset through a specifically applied practice; heal your inner child

  • manifest your aspirations – free of interference

  • learn how to recall and apply an ideal state of being

  • understand how to improve your relationships, and create your “Life Plan”


Stage 3 - Flow

During this 3rd stage on Flow you will experience:

  • a journey through every chakra combined with a practice on what to do with negative emotions

  • how to renew yourself

  • how to communicate deeper and better

  • how to open yourself to love, allowing the creative energy to flow

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Please note that therapy sessions as well as related workshop series are billable to your health insurance. They are held at the
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