Our student programs utilize our unique combination of Psychology, Life Coaching and Sound Therapy. We show teenagers the importance of renewing him or herself and how to create true and effective communication as a basis for building and cultivating healthy and enriching relationships.

They are designed in three stages and divided into 6 sessions each. All sessions follow a logical evolutionary sequence in fundamental themes that promote an optimal and necessary re-configuration in the psyche of the individual towards his or her full development.

Upon conclusion of the three stages, participants will understand and learn how to handle negative emotions that interfere with their health, happiness, creativity and productivity.

Participants will have greater clarity and precise guidance to continue creating a life of balance in a responsible and committed way in all aspects and levels of their existence, that is in their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects.

Unattended, persisting negative emotions tend to generate mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, unhappiness, resentment and frustration and oftentimes do show in physical manifestations such as gastritis, colitis, cystitis, diabetes, cancers, etc. They may also show up as spiritual imbalances, co-dependencies to substances, practices and people.

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