Himalayan Singing Bowls

Himalayan Singing Bowls

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Authentic, hand hammered singing bowls from Kathmandu, Nepal

Available in 4 to 12" dia., (please note that due to the manual manufacturing process, sizes are approximate). Each singing bowl is supplied with a doughnut shaped brocade cushion and suede bound wooden striker.

We are big believers, that each household, office, classroom, treatment room, and car for that matter, should have at least one or more singing bowls available. Striking or rimming a bowl will allow you to come back to your center, your innermost core, at any time. 

The sound of these handmade bowls has powerful effects on your nervous systems and is a wonderful vehicle to reduce and dissipate stress. It is an ideal visualization and meditation tool that will increase the quality of your quiet times and amplify the set-point of your intentions. 

It can also be used to foster quality family quiet times, i.e. tapping or rimming the bowl before taking a meal together or to be used in a similar fashion during family talk times etc.

If you prefer, contact us and we will make arrangements for you to listen to an assortment of available bowls for you to connect with the ones that call you. 

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Listen to a sample mix of all bowl sizes

See how a hand hammered Himalayan singing bowls gets its magic? Captured on location in Kathmandu, Nepal by Marian Kraus Photography


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