Ancient tools for personal transformation - singing bowls originated in the pre-Buddhist, shamanic Bon Po culture of the Himalayas.

Often called “Tibetan” singing bowls, they are actually made in Bhutan, Nepal, India, and Tibet. They are ‘resting bells’ or ‘resting gongs’ whose origin seems to date back to a Bronze Age in China some 4,000 years ago.

Filmed and photographed in Nepal by Marian Kraus Photography, the birthing of authentic, hand hammered singing bowls...

There is a slight variation depending on the information sources on what materials the bowls are made of; some sources mention metals corresponding to the 7 planets - gold (Sun), silver (Moon), mercury (Mercury), copper (Venus), iron (Mars), tin (Jupiter) and antimony (Saturn); others note nickel and zinc. Typically there are 3 kinds, contemporary, old and antique bowls. Good quality bowls are hand hammered, different wall thicknesses and sizes typically produce a variety of tones and harmonics. Each bowl has its own characteristics and wants to be explored.

One of the purposes of the singing bowl is its use for meditation. The sound generated either by tapping and / or rimming (singing) the bowl, takes the mind away from drifting thoughts and assists the listener to move into its true peaceful nature, found in the present moment, the eternal NOW - the only place where Life happens. The bowls assist to reconnect or balance with the deepest truth of our essential and innermost being, the divine spark within.

Similarly as in our sleeping hours, during the entering of ALPHA, THETA and sometimes DELTA states, when our physical body receives the opportunity to renew or restore its immunological system, endocrine system and central nervous system; the physical body can receive temporary rest from the mental and astral bodies as well while listening to the bowls, allowing not only these same regenerating energies to become activated and thereby leading to renewed health, but also allowing every chakra to renew and re-balance its own vibration. Gongs generate a similar, yet more powerful experience.

Ideally suited for meditation and introspection, Marian explains and demonstrates how to play a Himalayan singing bowl

To foster harmony, self-healing, heightened awareness & mental capacities, physical, emotional or psychic renewal, stress management, creativity, ability to focus etc., every home, office, car, hospital, nursing home, physician's office and persons experiencing any kind of disease or diminished capacity, should have at least one bowl in their arsenal of holistic tools for re-generation.

For your everyday applications, here are some examples:

  1. ME: create meditation & quiet times throughout each day for visualizing, re-tuning and ideal experience for reconnecting with your beautiful essence

  2. BABY & TODDLER: to relax the baby and simulate its optimum development

  3. TEENAGERS: to assist and flow harmoniously during the challenging & transformational natural processes of apprehension, instability, fears etc.

  4. THE ELDER: to strengthen all systems and support the natural aging process

  5. WOMEN: to support the balancing of challenging stages such as pregnancy, hormonal adjustments, menopause and others

  6. WORK & STUDIES: for general stress reduction and to support and refine intellectual capacities such as focus, analysis, synthesis, decision making etc.

  7. COUPLES: to recognize and integrate the core qualities of relationships by feeling and sharing the essence of love in various meditation and communication styles. To assist in resolving emotional conflicts, created by the differences in perspective and sensibilities

  8. OTHERS: before or after meals, homework, family gatherings, traditions and celebrations, bedtime and awakening and many more...

Above are just a few ideas. A singing bowl is a perfect gift to yourself and others ;) Please visit our store to see available options.