Welcome to the virtual store for our wellness products, items either created by us or such which we fully endorse because we resonate and identify with their authenticity and purpose for doing good in the world and therefore use them in our own lives. Available for purchase are:


Audio downloads of our guided visualizations and meditations each accompanied by soothing sonic elements of gongs, singing bowls and other sound tools that amplify the intention of each specific message

Creating my Life – guided meditation – free download

A very soothing guided meditation with the backdrop sound of Himalayan singing bowls. Narrated by Gabriela’s mesmerizing and very soothing voice, this gentle meditation will lead you to a place where you will envision your most ideal scenario of the life that you can live.

We recommend that you do not listen to it while driving a car. It has the tendency to completely relax you and to take you away. We furthermore recommend to use a good headset for listening.  Thank you & Enjoy! 

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