A Chakra is a center of activity that receives, assimilates and expresses life force energy (chi, prana, mana, vital energy etc.). The word Chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or disc and signifies one of the seven major energy centers of the body.


We record every thought and feeling in one of our seven Chakras and they become deposited or lodged there until they are processed and released. As we evolve and live our lives it is important for us to give up old ideas and to move forward and evolve. Each of the seven musical notes and seven colors corresponding to the Chakras have emotional and physical aspects attached to them. The graphs that follow are guidelines to give people a general understanding of why we feel different, more relaxed and less stressed when we listen to certain notes, harmonics or styles of music. Aside from associating the corresponding musical note to each of the 7 Chakras, they also highlight various additional aspects associated with each Chakra.

Our Chakras resonate to sound and our bodies absorb sonic energies, such as those transmitted by gongs and other instruments. This in turn can start bringing about a balance within ourselves, a stabilization of our energy system, which in turn makes us respond to the frequency and helps to calm our body down, bring it into a more relaxed and less stressful state. Gongs and Himalayan singing bowls are wonderful instruments to open, balance or reset / re-tune the Chakras and allow them to come close to their most natural state. The chakras are essentially part of the endocrine system


Following an overview of Chakra fundamentals

Chakra Chart 1.jpg
Chakra Chart 2.jpg
Chakra Chart 3.jpg

The above graphs were gratefully obtained with permission from Ms. Evelyn Mulders of Sound Essence where you will find additional wonderful information on anything related to the energy and auric systems and much, much more.

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