During our gong meditation sessions we make frequent reference to the heart. And as we become aware of the rhythm of our own heart beat in during the third segment of our sessions, we felt compelled to share some note worthy news about our “engine”.

All organisms on this planet use vibration, a.k.a. energy, as the primary means of communication. Quantum physics teaches us that everything in this universe is made out of immaterial energy, and everything radiates energy. It is a given fact of science that every atom and every molecule absorbs and radiates energy, including you. Because all organisms are made out of atoms and molecules, you and I and every living thing are radiating energy, vibes.

All organisms broadcast unique vibratory signatures. The heart is the receiving and responding organ that reads our energy fields. The average human heart, a hollow muscle, beating at 72 beats per minute, will beat approximately 2.5 billion times during an average 66 year lifespan. It pumps blood throughout the body, which is made up of about 50 trillion cells(!) by repeated, rhythmic contractions. The heart orchestrates a harmony of rhythms which serve as barometers of the heart’s status and health. The optimal state for your heart, mind and emotions and all of the processes in your body including cognitive, hormonal, digestive, respiratory and immune systems, is marked by coherent, or smooth and balanced heart rhythms. Awareness of your heart coherence is one of the smartest, healthiest, easiest and fastest ways to improve our quality of life. Sound and music, amongst many other elements, does contribute to establishing and cultivating our heart coherence.

Heartbeats correspond to the contracting and expanding movements of the universe, while the heart in the body is as essential to life as the sun to our solar system. Among the first sounds we experience in the womb are the internally resounding rhythms of the mother’s heart. They can also be interpreted as the steady beat of a drum or the rhythmic drone of large gongs. The heart’s undeniable physical centrality to our existence has its correspondence in the undeniable reality of our emotions, variable heartbeat frequencies measuring out our feelings of affection, desire and delight, as well as pounding out our rages, fears and vulnerabilities. The heart, like the sun, is the central source of life, the seat of power, courage and strength.

When we get caught up in inner turmoil, time crunches and incoherence, we are controlled by chaotic rhythms. We don’t realize we can pause and shift the rhythm inside. We need to take some extra time to go to the heart and find a rhythm to come back to balance. … In one minute, you can be back in a more coherent and calm rhythm. You can consciously take a deeper look at the situation and ask your heart how to restore a calm rhythm in your system or how to look at something a little more practically, without the emotional ups and downs. By consciously going to your heart will help you stop the energy drain and find a new rhythm that feels right to you.

Coherence is an optimal state in which the heart, mind and emotions are aligned and in-sync. Physiologically, the immune, hormonal and nervous systems function in a state of energetic coordination. Some of the emotions that create coherence are:

  • Appreciation & Gratitude
  • Care
  • Compassion
  • Ease
  • Tolerance & Patience
  • Adventure
  • Enjoyment

For me, these most oftentimes result in a feeling of harmony and sense of resonance, of being tuned in with the universal energy field.

While there are many ways, probably different ones for each of us, to increase one’s resilience, here are the different dimensions of resilience that constitute the building blocks of coherence:

  • Physical – physical flexibility, endurance and strength
  • Mental – mental flexibility, attention span, optimistic world view, incorporating multiple point of view
  • Emotional – emotional flexibility, positive feelings, self regulation, relationships, ease instead of resistance
  • Spiritual – spiritual flexibility, commitment to core values, tolerance of other’s values and beliefs, intuition

Gong sound meditation is one of the many ways to raise your awareness in consciously recognizing that you even need to work on those….and there are many, many ways to discover, cultivate and incorporate aspects of them into your life, such as Yoga, Qi-gong, Tai-Chi, meditation, regular massage, walks in nature, healthy foods, reading, affirmations etc. See here how others have created peace in their minds, one of the ultimate goals of raising one’s awareness.

Your level of energy, or vibration and personal frequency, determines your resilience to deal with the broad variety of stressors in your life. Resilience is the capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, challenge or adversity. It is especially important for preventing stress buildup and wasted time and energy.

The 7 main chakras are energy points that run up and down the body. The 3 lower chakras (the solar plexus, sacral, and root) represent the influence of our physical biology, specifically physiology, in shaping our life. The 3 upper chakras (the crown, third eye, and throat) represent the influences derived from our consciousness, our psychology. The middle chakra is the heart chakra, which represents unconditional love for self and others. When all 7 of the chakras are aligned, there are no energy blocks; energy flows freely through every chakra. The significance of the heart chakra in the middle is because when you align your physiology and your psychology, when you love yourself so others can love you and you can love others, your heart will expand and open to the people around you and to the world you live in. Therefore, the heart of mankind, once expanded, becomes larger than all the heavens.

Stress on the other hand (did you notice how your vibration dropped just by reading  the word…??), and I am talking about the many types of stress in the form of us perceiving that our survival is threatened, is the primary cause for illness and accounts for up to 90 percent of all doctor visits. Stress has a direct effect on your heart coherence. Depleting emotions such as fear, frustration, impatience and anger have a toxic feeling and cause the release of stress hormones. This often results in reduced muscle mass, brain cell death, impaired memory, accelerated aging, impaired mental function and diminished performance.

Remember the 50 trillion cells mentioned above? Cells can only be in one mode or the other – growth or protection. The logical extension of this is that by living in fear, you cause a state of general closure and non-growth, or blocked evolution, in your own system. By cultivating love, empathy, and compassion, you move toward transformation and transparency.

Truth, or “devine justice” occurs in our hearts at every moment, acting as our guiding conscience, our “true voice” in the daily business of living. The heart shares with the rose and lotus flower the qualities of the hidden, enfolded center beneath the outer surface of things, the secret abode of consciousness. As the seat of all emotions, “positive” or “negative”, the heart is the point of contact for linkings of love or hatred, compassion or envy, courage or fear, brightest joy or deepest sorrow.

Above all, watch your thinking and the resulting thoughts. The subconscious mind is associated with the neural activity of approximately 90% of the brain and has a profoundly more powerful influence on our behavior than the conscious mind. The conscious mind’s prefrontal cortex can process and manage the relatively measly 40 nerve impulses per second. In contrast, the subconscious mind’s platform can process 40 million nerve impulses per second. That makes the subconscious mind’s processor 1 million times more powerful than the conscious minds! Therefore: Feed yourself good and positive thoughts!

Live and enjoy the fact that you are the creator, not the victim of your life. You can have the kinds of relationships you want by using your brain as the tuning fork that resonates with what you want to create and avoids thinking about what you don’t want to bring into your life. You are manifesting your life. You have the freedom to create what you want to create. Choose wisely and choose often. 😉 


We are indebted to two invaluable resources that made the research to this entry possible, The Institute of HeartMath and Dr. Bruce Lipton and his latest book “The Honeymoon Effect”. We recommend you check out both.