Tools to transform limiting beliefs and inner blockages

Benefit form simple, effective and powerful NLP methods and techniques from Jungian and Ericksonian based practices. Videos that aid viewers in their daily process of personal change by reminding them of time proven truths to a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

English Choices - Free

Smiles Heal | A simple smile has the power to heal...Gabriela shares why and how

Inner Peace | Gabriela's friendly reminder to easily connect with your inner peace and strength

Letting Go | Gabriela shares how to practice Letting Go of the past and fully embrace the present moment

Freedom | Gaby shows you how to identify and change negative emotional-behavioral patterns

Gratitude and Appreciation | Gabriela reminds you how appreciation and gratitude amplify the miracles of life

The Power Within | A gentle reminder how to step into your own power and overcome fear

Being Positive | Learn how to transform your painful emotions into positive ones

Coping with Grief | Effective method and guidance on how to cope with grief and sadness after the departure of a loved one

Reset | By visualizing a pure, white and fresh environment, you can reset your emotions and connect with your inner silence and peace

Overcome Fear and Anxiety | A simple visualization to overcome anguish and feeling overwhelmed

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La sonrisa sana | Una simple sonrisa tiene el poder de sanar ... Gabriela comparte por qué y cómo

Paz interior | El amistoso recordatorio de Gabriela para conectarte fácilmente con tu paz y fuerza interior

Dejar ir | Gabriela comparte cómo practicar Abandonar el pasado y abrazar completamente el momento presente

Libertad | Gaby te muestra cómo identificar y cambiar los patrones negativos de comportamiento emocional

Gratitud y Agradecimiento | Gabriela te recuerda cómo el aprecio y la gratitud amplifican los milagros de la vida

El poder interior | Un suave recordatorio de cómo entrar en tu propio poder y superiar el miedo

Ser positivo | Aprende a transformar tus emociones dolorosas en positivas

Superar el miedo y la ansiedad | Una visualización simple para superar la angustia y el sentirse abrumado

Ante el duelo | Breve práctica para lograr asimilar con paz esta dolorosa transición que es parte de la vida…


Cómo lidiar con la catástrofe | Una guía muy relajante y práctica de herramientas que ayudan a superar la experiencia vivida de un evento catastrófico. Presentado en español en respuesta a 2 terremotos consecutivos que afectaron a México en 2017


Reiníciate | Cuando sientas el calor de una emoción abrumadora, visualizando un espacio puro, blanco y fresco, para conectar con tu paz interior


multi segment 30 session Program - Subscription based

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All videos have been recorded with you in mind. They mirror our own experiences along our individual journeys, as well as our journey together as a very happily married couple. We wish that they convey positive and uplifting messages to you. Not only in times of crisis or need, but also when all is well…as a reminder how well it actually all is ;).

The videos are designed to assist you in your inner exploration. Yet, sometimes it may require the guidance of a qualified counselor and life coach to explore deeper layers of one's inner workings. Someone who will help to break up deep seated blockages that prevent the achievement of success, self esteem, sustained well-being, happiness, loving relationships and more. In person one-on-one or small group sessions as well as online Skype consultations are available for your convenience,  learn more here.