Gabriela de la Mora

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Gabriela holds master degrees in art, religions and psychotherapy, and degrees in communication and history. She is certified as a Life Coach and as Universal Energy practitioner.

She has been a TV anchor on health and news related programs on national TV in Mexico for nearly two decades in broadcasting corporations such as cultural Channel 11, Televisa, TV Mexiquense, TV Formula, DGTVE, and the art and cultural Channel 22. 

As a communicator of health and balance, she wrote a column for several years in Milenio News and published her first book “Un Minuto para Ti” in 2009. Gabriela has been facilitating workshops, conferences and one-on-one consultations since 2003 at the Carlos Slim foundation, and directed projects such as “The Health Ambassadors” in social media under the Federal Secretariat of Health. She assisted and directed other state government projects related to public politics, which were focused on promoting better health and lifestyle choices.

Gaby became a Gong Master through the guidance of the legendary Don Conreaux. In 2016 she combined 3 powerful tools: Psychotherapy, Life-Coaching and Sound Therapy to develop a 21 sessions program focused on transformation and evolution for individuals and specific communities. Please find out more on her website

Her programs and experiences have benefited corporations in Mexico and United States, schools, hospitals and specific groups, such as actors, athletes, women, etc. She enables individuals and groups to reconnect with their natural state of flow, balance, creativity, fulfillment and success in their relationships and goals. 

Some groups and corporations in the United States and Mexico City who had received the benefits of her programs are International Meeting Organizers, Inbursa and Financiera Finsol in Mexico City, the GRMA Forum 2017 in Florida, Labor Solutions in Chicago, and others. Being a psychotherapist, Gabriela is also part of the team of therapists at DG Counseling Inc. In addition she expresses her passion for life through her guitar and her singing.

Marian Kraus

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Born in former communist ruled Czechoslovakia and raised in “West” Germany, Marian has been enthralled with nature and the inherent order of the Universe from a young age. This fascination fuels his drive to express beauty and harmony through light and sound. 

As a result of embarking on a lasting inner journey to find out "what makes him tick and what does not make him tick" in 1990, he left his 20 year sales and marketing career with a large German based industrial conglomerate and began a new life segment as a professional commercial and fine art photographer in 1999. Being a long time hand drummer, he expanded his creative repertoire by expressing images also through the powerful vehicle of sound in 2011. He founded 'Gong Sound Healing' in 2012, and through a heartfelt connection with Gabriela at a Gong Master Class in Memphis, TN three years later, present day 'Delamora Transformational Experiences' was born. 

By maneuvering through the integration of three very different countries and cultures, Marian possesses a heightened sensitivity, appreciation and awareness to the process of inner growth and transformation. His inimitable keen sense of visual and intuitive perception and innate rhythmic hand drum abilities creatively contribute to the meditative and transformative Delamora sound excursions.

He published his first book "Inspirationals" and is an associate member of the Harmonic Therapy Association and the Sound Healers Association, and licensed PSYCH-K® facilitator. He received his Gong Master certification from the legendary Don Conreaux, and studied extensively also with senior instructor, lecturer and teacher Mitch Nur, PhD of 9waysacademia