"Chronic stress is a killer...if you believe so"



The Challenge - Does this look and sound familiar to you…?

Whether you are a student, a loving mother, an ambitious executive, a caring nurse, a supporting teacher, a loving husband and father, a busy lawyer…all try to keep an ever growing number of balls in the air while not being completely overwhelmed or borderline freaking out. Chronic stress is a killer if you believe so.

The door, gateway to unknown and known areas.

We all have made countless attempts to get: “on top of things”, to “manage people, places and things”, to “master the situation”, to be on time for the next appointment, to be courageous, to break bad, habitual self-destructing patterns and addictions, to be comfortable in our skin and on and on…most often however we ran into a wall, our best intention and efforts did not yield the desired results.

And to make matters worse, while trying to get ahead, be in control of most of the demands of our times, we neglect our needs for basic elements such as healthy food, adequate hydration, rest and relaxation, self awareness, mindfulness and play time. Due to the persistent and prolonged periods of high stress, which over time becomes routine or chronic stress, we show the tendency to self-sabotage our bodies and mind, and deprive them from experiencing their optimal innate potential of complete and prolonged health, balance and ideal performance.

Our Promise - Life happens in the moment, in the NOW...

However, by running mostly on “auto-pilot”, and being distracted by the stressful way of life, nowadays people diminish their awareness and capacity for making smart and wholesome choices. Choices which open the path to creating a successful, fulfilling and passionately joyful experience of life.
The Delamora promise to you

Openings to new pathways.

Delamora will assist you in breaking through stagnant layers of known behaviors and habitual thought patterns. We will guide you in recognizing and reaching a state of fulfillment, satisfaction and balance.

You will encounter deeper levels of self-awareness and transformation, leading to mind-body-spirit integration and radiant wholeness.

You will welcome a renewed sense of purpose, gain psychological resilience, and embrace a continuous feeling of awe and wonder about the endless possibilities available to you in life.

You will be empowered to apply emotional hygiene, make healthy choices and harness the benefits of mindfulness. Are these extravagant promises…? We think not, they are being fulfilled among us daily, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. We are walking our talk, and so is our growing community of like minded followers. In short, we have been there, we have done it and we love it!

How we do it - We swim in an ocean of endless possibilities...

The Delamora experience teaches individuals and communities to successfully manage & relief stressful situations, overcome challenges, and tap into their full potential.

Ocean of possibilitiesThe ocean of endless possibilities at our fingertips...

Our methodology of introducing heightened states of awareness and consciousness rides on the combination of scientific tools and sound. Harnessing the wisdom of multi-disciplinary studies and master’s degrees in Psychotherapy, Life-Coaching, Religions, Art, History, Communications as well as Universal & Human Energy healing, we utilize the ancestral multi-faceted frequency domains of gongs, singing bowls and other sound tools.

Our unique balance of applying these powerful elements provides psycho-acoustic gateways of exploration, deep understanding, integration and application to the benefits of mindfulness, stress relief, relaxation and a wholesome and healthy life style. Our honest stress relief and meditation techniques are a testimony to our own path and evolution.

The methods to mindfulness and conscious awareness within, how to approach and participate in life from a place of confidence, creativity, wisdom and calmness are based on our own experience. We delight in the opportunity to share truth, deep understanding, authenticity, determination, strength, passion, love and so much more with you...

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