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Reach a state of
fulfillment, satisfaction and balance

Benefit from our unique combination of
psychology, life coaching and sound therapy

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The Delamora experience guides individuals and communities to successfully manage & relieve stress, overcome challenges, and tap into their full human potential. Our methodology of introducing heightened states of awareness and consciousness rides on unique combination of scientific tools and sound.

Harnessing the wisdom of multi-disciplinary studies and master’s degrees in Psychotherapy, Life-Coaching, Religions, Art, History, Communications, as well as Universal & Human Energy healing, we utilize the ancestral multi-faceted frequency domains of gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks and more.

Depending on your goal and condition, sound can be used as complementary healing modality. After all, when we talk about sound therapy, we are dealing with an energy, a power that has the ability to rearrange molecular structure.

Our unique balance of applying these powerful elements provides psycho-acoustic gateways of exploration, deep understanding, integration and application to the benefits of mindfulness, stress relief, relaxation and a wholesome and healthy life style. Our honest stress relief and meditation techniques are a testimony to our own path and evolution.



Individual & Group Experiences

Thought and behavioral patterns are deeply ingrained in our minds, they rule us and prevent our natural growth and expansion. The Delamora Transformational Experiences provide entry points to human potential development by emphasizing key prerequisites for all change: AWARENESS, DESIRE, VISUALIZATION, INTEGRATION and PRACTICE. Choose from our services for


Individuals & Couples

Create progress in your life on multiple levels, personal, relationships, family and more



Improve your everyday life experience with our Guided Sound Meditation Experiences



 We empower businesses by establishing an environment that fosters growth and expansion



Our programs assist students to navigate life with its multitude of stressful situations


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 Read what others say about their experience with our energizing and vibratory sound therapy gong meditation sessions. People experience the journey on sound provided by a sound therapy session in many different ways.

There is no “cookie cutter”, “one size fits all” approach to this. We are all at different parts of our journeys and experience, interpret and integrate the ethereal in different ways.

The experiences encompass releases that are psychological, emotional, physiological and / or spiritual in nature. The physical sound vibration of the gong provides an extraordinarily harmonizing, powerful and healing meditation space that is fully experiential in nature.

The Delamora sound therapy healing immersions are sublime. From the first sound of the tingsha to the low, building rhythms of the gongs, Marian & Gabriela’s love and knowledge of their instruments is made clear. Through their playing, and sharing the healing spirit of the gongs, I was transported to a deeply peaceful and healing place…a place I hope to return to again through their beautiful offerings.
In addition to the soothing peacefulness to which others have so eloquently attested, as musicians we must say that Marian & Gabriela are masterful at creating a symphony of sound. The musical tapestry both create is truly inspired, a highly developed composition being executed by an orchestra of two, washing the mind clean and renewing the soul.
Much transformation occurred throughout the sound experience. There were blockages released in the physical body and mind. The heart connection I felt was deeply loving, and I am grateful to have experienced the healing vibrations and amazing sound of Marian and Gaby’s sound therapy gong immersion. Many Blessings and Namaste!
What touches the most is nothing but vibration in its subtlest, or its most tangible form, which is “sound”. A Gong bath is one of the most beautiful treats one can give to themselves, the most non-violent, healthy and most effective way to re-align the nervous system, or may I say, each nano-particle of our being. Marian & Gabriela Kraus take us to this amazing journey where neither the time nor the space matters…It is not the sound of the gong but the silent spaces between the two which are a gateway to freedom! “Silent” and “listen” are made up of same letters which explains so much about them. Hope you take this journey over and over again with them and take a dip into the silence where you experience “The thrill in still and the still in thrill”!
My brother Marian regularly performs a long distance healing with his gong meditation. And even though I am 5,000 miles away, I can feel and hear the otherworldly and multi spirited sounds coming through the phone. It is a very relaxing and soothing experience and exactly what I need in my battle against cancer.